Thetford RV Slide Out Lubricant – 13 oz

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  • Thetford’s Premium RV Slide Out Lubricant works in RVs, cars, boats, or even at home
  • Formulated to prevent rust, Premium RV Slide Out stops squeaks and biding and displaces moisture from mechanisms
  • Premium RV Slide Out works on metal parts, gears, rollers, door hinges, brake parts, and more
  • The 13 oz aerosol can be sprayed even upside-down
  • Protects mechanisms from road elements, keeping your RV slide out working like new
  • Keep your RV slide out working like new! Stops squeaks and binding of RV slide outs
  • Specially formulated to lubricate rails and gears so your RV Slide Out works like a charm every time

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