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Yes Order Station . can buy the car Or Rv and ship it to you Door to Door 

Yes you can 

Order Station They have Whole sale Dealer License For the Big Auction in US





Yes. Order Station will provide you a US address and We offer complete cargo services, shipping boxes, baggage, computers, TV’s, refrigerators, etc. by air and sea.
As an international third-party logistics company,

you save the time and make the big box and we continue servicing you

We can load 2, 3, 4 or 5 cars inside the container so that you pay less and ship more

United States Houston Texas ,

China guangzhou ,

Kuwait Salmyia

Also We have agent world wide .

Order Station Has a Import and Export License so We Can Provide you that under our Services 

We Provide Any Kind of Logistics Services . 

We have a Professional Team 

Order Station Co. provide the fastest service and maximum safety available in damage prevention. Lowest prices available in the market. Air Cargo rates are based on volume or weight of your cargo. Sea Cargo rates are based on volume; it does not matter how much it weighs.